In Outstanding Finance Podcast No.7 special guest, Craig Kennedy Managing Director at Crakken Consulting joins Ian Wright, Managing Director at WRI Associates to discuss the value of mentoring.

A statistic given by the Federation of Small Businesses states 70% of small business founders who have mentoring support survive for at least five years, compared to only 35% of those who don’t. The podcast begins with a discussion of how that reflects Craig and Ian’s own experience. They then discuss the benefits of mentoring for businesses at every stage, how the mentoring relationship develops, and the culture of mentoring in Scotland.

Both agreed there is a general lack of understanding about when to ask for help, especially for family businesses, and perhaps there is a demand for greater education on the whole topic of mentoring.

While the definition of mentor is hard to pinpoint there is an agreement that grey hairs of experience, and connections are most valuable in a mentor.

The benefits of a mentor at numerous stages of business development, and for a variety of purposes, are a large part of the discussion. The content of this podcast is food for thought for businesses at any stage.

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Businesses at any stage can find a mentor through the Scottish Chambers of Commerce mentoring network which you can find out more about here.

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