Today we’re delighted to bring you the third instalment of WRI Associates’ Outstanding Finance Podcast, which touches on how you can actually avoid the use of our services.

You may think giving advice on how not to need our help would be counterproductive, but Ian Wright, WRI Associates’ Managing Director, is simply here to help people and businesses avoid running into financial difficulties.

To help you identify when there could be a financial problem, Ian touches on a recent post which was written for the WRI blog, looking at the reasons a business could become insolvent.

During the course of the podcast, many instances which could create financial difficulties for a business are touched upon, including: issues with HMRC, putting all your eggs in one basket, taking on more work than you can handle, competition, and problems finding funding for your business.

We also touch on the importance of key people within your business and how they can have an affect on the performance of your business, particularly if they move on to a new employer.

It really is an interesting and informative podcast that with some great points how to avoid needing the help of an insolvency practitioner, well worth sharing with others you think may benefit from listening to it.

Despite, in this podcast, trying to help you avoid needing our services, we’re always happy to speak to those who have worries about their finances, even if it means we don’t get any business from you. Please get in touch, it’s never too soon to seek advice.

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